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About Us | Codorus Creek TechWorks

About Us

“Codorus Creek TechWorks” is an after school Student Organization at New Hope Academy Charter School.

What is the Codorus Creek TechWorks?

Codorus Creek TechWorks is a hackerspace/makerspace; which is a space designed for students with common technology
interests, in:

* Computers
* Gaming
* Phones
* Programming
* Digital Art and Music

Hackerspaces/makerspaces typically consist of work areas, in
addition to a social area used for workshops and other
social-educational activities.

We will create an important platform for the New Hope Academy Charter School’s technical community to experiment, learn hands on, and grow as individuals.

The Codorus Creek TechWorks hopes to put our community in a unique position to engage and have broad involvement with the technical computing and engineering community in York, PA.

Currently we run on Tuesday’s (High School) and Wednesday’s (High School and Middle School), we just added Minecraft Monday (every other Monday) All meetings run from 3:30pm to 4:30-5pm.
Attendance runs from 6 to 26 students. We have a pizza party at the end of each month (must attend 2 meetings min to come to pizza party). The High School students call their group ‘batteries not