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Tech Club 5/20/14

High School Tech Club. 8 students attended. One requested transportation. This tech club, we updated on our new continuation plan,  which will now be at Martin library! Now, we continue to plan more into our projects for the end of this school year. Pizza party next Wednesday, and Button Smashers reunion tomorrow!

Tech Club 5/14/14

Middle School and High School Tech Club. 16 students attended. 4 requested transportation. This tech club, we looked over computer system cleaning, as well as continued to discuss our continuation plan, which was slowly getting resolved.

Free Comic Book Day

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What is “Free Comic Book Day?”

As the name implies, Free Comic Book Day is a single day when participating comic book specialty shops across North America and around the world give away comic books absolutely free to anyone who comes into their shops.

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Tech Club 4/22/14

High School Tech Club. 6 people attended, none asked for transportation. This tech club, we had a pizza party,  we discussed more fighting robots, and continued to discuss our plans for keeping tech club ongoing as school comes to its end.

Meeting Summary for 2/18/2014

Today in tech club, 5 students participating came up with the idea to start a gaming organization. We have decided to set up different departments to help create the organization, building it up from the ground. We will be recruiting writers, coders, testers, graphic designers, creators, etc. We have all agreed on the name Gear City Games, but are still contemplating, due to not many students making tech club.

Meeting Summary for 12/16/13

Today, 12 Students signed in, 3 Students signed for Transportation. Welcome to Minecraft Monday. We tried to load our Hunger Games Mod, but it did not work. So we played our normal world Map in creative mode. We have three Minecraft System Admins in training as of 12/17/13.