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F.A.Q. | Codorus Creek TechWorks


Hackerspace/Makerspace FAQ

Q: What is Hackerspaces/Makerspaces (H/M)?
A: A H/M is a space designed for students with common technology interests, in:

* Computers
* Phones
* Programming
* Digital Art and Music

Q: Who can get into H/M?
A: New Hope Academy Charter School students.

Q: How to become a member of H/M?
A: Fill out the permission slip, liability form?, passing grades of ‘C’

Q: Can students have student visitors?
A: You can, but only once. Next time we recommend them to become a member. Sign in/out sheet.

Q: What are membership responsibilities?
A: Other than membership requirements, members will be
responsible for cleanup and tear down.

Q: What can you do in H/M?
A: Create, program, solder, gain knowledge and share it with others, to present their ideas and projects, take part in learning, and much more …

Q: What are H/M areas?
A: H/M typically consist of lab areas, in addition to a social area (would also be used as reception and Events), used for workshops and other social-educational activities.

Q: What is the laboratory H/M Lab?
A: This is a separate room for engineering, painting, making any
desired product. Ideally we would have a 3D Printer workstation, a small sound booth, you can ask for help or advice of qualified

Q: What equipment is available in H/M?
A: high-speed internet (Wi-Fi) and sockets for power, and some basic tools.

Q: Can I bring my own equipment?
A: Yes. But you are responsible for what you bring. Sign in/out sheet.

Q: Can I bring my own equipment?
A: Yes. But you are responsible for what you bring.

Q: How can I use the zone H/M Events?
A: In H/M Events area we can organize various activities:
presentations, hackathons, seminars, trainings, lectures, parties. The
members of H/M have the exclusive right to attend any event.